StayStarted Nescafe TVC Review

StayStarted Nescafe TVC Review

StayStarted Nescafe TVC Review

The New Nescafe Ad portrays the struggle of a young Radio Jockey. He hosts a radio show early in the morning at 5.30 AM while most of us are snug as a bug, under a rug. The video has clocked over 3 million views.


This is quite a paradigm shift for Nescafe India advertising: from waking up to Nescafe, hooking up with hot neighbors to now starting the plot even before everyone wakes up with an everyday joe, Radio Jockey. Nescafe, in recent times has also let go of the hot neighbour plot; typically the super hot star would be impressed with Nescafe and dance in a short dress (in the protagonist’s dreams) for an average joe neighbour, played by Deepika Padukone in previous Nescafe ads.


#StayStarted TVC is quite refreshing. Anyhow, R.J. Rishi is hard working, humorous, persistent and diligent. He brings in a lot of energy and a huge smile every morning, to the radio station. But to his dismay, there are no callers at 5.30 AM. He tries to entice callers with gifts from passes to umbrellas but there are still no takers. He hits a new low when he even announces that it’s his birthday – no callers. He continues to play a song. Rishi is further taunted when he sees other RJ’s at morning slots getting plagued with phone calls.

#StayStarted claims to be the “year’s most creative Twitter contest!”, collaborating with 93.5 RED FM the contest asks users to share ideas to make “Nescafe Morning’s” a hit at the radio station.

One fine day, the night watchman at the radio station asks Rishi when no one is watching, who will call. I found this part a bit odd because people don’t watch the radio. And moreover, it’s a very strange insight for the watchman to have, if no one is listening then why expect calls, why run the show? Anyway, this is Rishi’s break-through moment. The idea bulb pops above his cranium. As he sips his cup of morning coffee, it dawns on him that early morning would be the best time to vent, since no one is watching. A perfect time to introduce product placement and to make the connect.

Humour and Advertising Persuasion: The R.J. does a fantastic job his emotions of despair, not giving up and being forever persistent and subservient to his audience. The ad is uplifting, humorous and motivational.

In terms of hygiene factors. It is clear, that the product being sold is Nescafe coffee. The general mood is pleasant, uplifting, motivational and has humour. All the elements to a recipe for a good story. The music is also cheery light and not overbearing. The actors did a fantastic role, it’s easy to connect with the characters and believe the characters portrayed. The commercial does get my attention, but it’s more of a one time watch. I wouldn’t want to watch this on loop and it could get terribly annoying and boring if it was on TV during every break. The commercial is aimed towards youth and entrepreneurs in my opinion and rather than an aspirational value it touches on the tender sentiment of service to your audience.

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