Lata Devi Diwakar

Sold her Mangalsutra to build toilet: Lata Devi Diwakar

Lata Devi Diwakar

If you haven’t been aware of the PMO’s agenda for India of  “#SwacchBharat” you most probably are living under a rock. Last week a teenage girl was brutally raped and murdered in UP while she went outside to heed the call of nature.

Lata Devi Diwakar, has inspired a generation; she hails from  s small village in Kanpur and decided to sell her Mangalsutra (Marital necklace) to provide a toilet inside her house to keep her family safe. Lata Devi says she always aspired to have a toilet inside her house.

Q1: As an urban India how aware are you about the situation in rural India?
From the little we see on TV and social media I have been recently hearing more heartbreaking stories about the real struggles of people in the villages.

Q2. What are the issues that you are aware of?
I have been exposed to the #savefarmers #swaachbharat campaign. Also Nana Patekar has been creating awareness on how bad the situation of drought stricken villages in India are, that people are dying around us and they don’t have money to feed their cattle, families or even for medication.

Q3. What do you think we can do to help their situation?
I really feel inadequate here, many of us spread these stories on social media to ease or conscience but don’t really have or do much to contribute to helping them.

Q4.  What are your last comments on NGOs and Government initiatives to develop rural India?
I’m not very convinced with either and I don’t think that the benefit is really reaching the ones in need.


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