Is our food really vegetarian? Birke Baehr

Is our food really vegetarian? Birke Baehr

What’s wrong with our food system? And what can we do about it?

Eleven year old whistle blower, Birke Baehr investigated first hand, researched the Internet and tells us  what he’s learnt about genetically altered food.

When Birke found out that corporations were splicing genes from fish and genetically altering tomatoes he knew something was very wrong with the system. He researched some more to find out that most types of corn and rice were genetically altered too and caused diseases like cancer.

What can we do about it? He recommends that we support local and organic farms instead of large corporations and see long term savings in terms of medical bills instead of short term benefits.

Birke says that he wanted to grow up to be an NFL player but after learning the truth bout Americas food system he has changed his mind.

Birke says that he would like to grow up and be an organic farmer!

What do you think about genetically altered food? Does Birke make a good enough case?

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