5 Weird things that can happen while Scuba diving

5 Weird Things That Can Happen While Scuba Diving

5 Weird things that can happen while Scuba diving

Scuba diving HAS to be “on your list of things to do before you leave this planet”. Under water or Seal life has a lot of wondrous experiences to offer. A good place to get started with scuba diving is in Goa. Discover the mystery behind the pristine waters.

Goa is one of the top places in India for scuba diving. The pristine waters of the Arabian sea and rich history of many sea wrecks make for the most magical and historical dives. You might even find buried pirate treasure. Apart from the marvelous sea life off course!

So once you are initiated into scuba diving you may find life out of water, a little strange. Here is a list of top 5 weird things that could happen to you once you become a diver.

1. You become a conservationist

When you first enter this entire new ethos – of the underwater world, you experience a completely new dimension as if you were transported to a whole new planet. One of the first things your diving instructor would tell you would be to respect the environment and life under the water. It’s no surprise that a lot of under water habitat is in danger. Unlike the movies, and popular photography, divers do not usually touch plant or animal life under water. We do not want to transmit bacteria or diseases to the underwater creatures.

2. You become annoyed with misrepresentation of diving in movies.

As an ambassador for the Sport, you would have gone through many levels of training and consistently increased the duration of your dives. Learning to be cautious, follow safety instruction and take precautions to ensure the safety of your dive partner and yourself. When you’re exposed to diving and underwater scenes at a movie theater, it is very natural to be strangely annoyed with their misrepresentation, you’d probably be the one out of your seat yelling “What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?” Only to be shushed back “It’s only a movie.” Mainstream media is quite oblivious to safety standards like having an alternate pressure guage or a dive buddy in their movie scenes.

3. You use underwater hand signals everywhere.

Since we can’t use voice under water, every communication is a hand signal. You get so used to the hand signals that might slip from reality sometimes, So at the library, or a meeting or at work or even home you may find yourself communicating over diving hand signals. If you have an office colleague that is also a diving buddy things could get out of control.

4. You join a band of like-minded patrons.

The diving experience is a spiritual journey in itself and it forms a strong bond between diving buddies. The intense training before actually diving in to the sea and exploring a new whole new world first hand has that effect on us. We have met some of our friends for life during scuba dive vacations in Goa. Be warned, you may seem to notice that while you are diving you sort of forget your filters and get a little too comfortable with the group; discussing air pressure in your ears and facts managing other bodily fluids while in your suit, becomes quite normal and frequent.

5. Your vacation and retirement plans change

Scuba diving is definitely a life style, Gone are the days where you imagine having a quiet life in the country or up a hill. As a diving enthusiast, you’ll be wondering what’s wrong with your non diving friends. They’re missing a whole new world which is two thirds of our planet really. You’ll be opting for early voluntary retirement and your priorities for settling down after retirement would revolve around having close access to your favorite diving sites. For serious divers, every weekends and every public holiday will revolve around planning diving vacations.

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