Will Udta Punjab fly “High”?

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Courtesy : Indian Express

Good News: After weeks of hopping between the Censor Board and the Bombay High Court, Udta Punjab finally got clearance for its release in India with just one cut.

Bad News: Two days before its release, a copy of the film was released on most of the torrentz websites.

The producers of the film have filed a copyright thievery case with the cybercrime cell. They believe it is the same copy they had submitted to the Censor Board which was leaked. The pirated version, carries a watermark which suggests that the print came from the Censor Board. The title of the print includes “Censor Board Rip”, well this isn’t good news for the Censor Board.
The links were later removed from these websites.

Udta Punjab made it to the news recently when the censor board suggested the makers to amend the movie by 89 cuts. The Revising Committee was a generous enough to bring it down to 13 cuts. Finally, this Monday the Bombay High Court gave a green signal to the drug themed movie with just one cut and inserting 3 disclaimers.

This is why you should watch Udta Punjab –

  1. The drug problem in Punjab is affecting the youth of the state. You have to watch it as you should know the hard core problems the youth is facing today.
  2. The amazing cast of the film. Shahid Kapoor is killing it with the Tommy Singh Avatar and so is Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh.
  3. The trailer of the film was so raw that you just can’t wait to watch the whole movie.
  4. Anurag Kashyap is one of the producers of the film. He wouldn’t invest in nonsensical movies.
  5. It has taken Article 19 of the Constitution of India a bit too seriously.

Udta Punjab is surely the most controversial film of the year. As the name suggests, we hope the movie reaches sky “high” extents.


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