Why #DoTheDifficult campaign from ICICI Lombard GIC is genius?

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Do the Difficult

The “#DoTheDifficult” ad features a father running in the snow. I can imagine it getting quite a few people of their sofas and motivated to take a run. I found the ad immensely compelling. Especially since it is so close to after the Rio 2016 Olympic games.


The ad along with the voice over makes the father look every bit as any Indian athlete training or a marathon. He’s made a personal decision to overcome his weight and get healthy for his daughter. And he intends to keep his promise to her.

The emotional angle too ties beatifully with personal finance and health insurance industry theme; the sacrifice we must make to secure our children’s’ future. And rather than doing the things that are relaxing and comforting; we are out toiling in the snow. This also goes really well with the typical Indian mentality to save for our children and give them a bright future.

The ad isn’t about shadowing greatness and becoming an Olympic gold medalist. Instead, it’s down to earth simple and direct; A father’s love. Although, it may be clinically unhealthy for a man that age to be doing a long distance run and moreover, running in the snow while most of India has been just recovering from the Summer, it hasn’t really taken us far away from the message. Determination can be present in the most unlikely places. It doesn’t have to be a world record but rather achieving a personal goal and mission.


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— Rishabh Datta (@rishabhdatt) August 31, 2016


Ad Inspiration

The only thing it falls short of is that it has a striking influence from Nike’s obese running ad and also has the word “Do” in it’s campaign that seems strangely similar to Nike’s “Just Do It”.I feel ICICI has made a better connect but meanwhile leaves less to the imagination.

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