Udta Punjab Spoof : Censor Board Ban

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The censor board had recommended a ridiculous 89 cuts on the movie Udta Punjab out of supposed political pressure.
Finally when Udta Punjab got the green signal from the Bombay High Court for its release with just one cut a censor board copy of the movie went viral on all torrent websites. It was put down the next day when the producers of the movie filed a case on the same with the cybercrime cell.
We took this opportunity to make a spoof on the current scenario of the CBFC and the uprising filmmakers of India with this light hearted video. The short viral film talks about the trending sex, violence and profanity subjected to the Indian audience via main stream cinema and upcoming filmmakers.
The story is set in the in the Censor Board office where the director is waiting to listen to scripts from various filmmakers. First come up Munna Singh, brother of Tommy Singh from Udta Punjab. He makes a conversation with the director. Then comes up a man with the story of a person who dies due to excessive smoking. Then a moron comes who doesn’t know what he wants to make. Then comes the cool guy who wants to include whatever possible foul words to make his character look cool. In the end comes a guy who wants four item numbers in his film.
How do you think the director of the Censor Board will react to these stupid demands? Will he agree to these hysterical demands or will he show them the exit of his office very politely?
To know more watch our latest video.

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