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A journey to the other side of the unknown dense-forest.

prasad kalePrasad Kale tells us about  Truple, a social engagement platform to find help & make connection by engaging with people nearby. Truple is a early stage startup, works as location based social engagement platform with the vision to transform any need into a real life experience. Founded by 6 IIT IIM alumni Sriram Sekhar, Karthik CV, Chetan Patil, Rohit Harlalka, Jeet Kumar and Madhvendra Kumar; @Mumbai, Truple launched on 10/06/2016 via a website and an Android Application for users all around world.




Q1. Tell us about your journey? How did you start Truple?

It’s been close to 2 years since we began our entrepreneurial journey. In these two years we developed 3 products, sadly-closed one, changed the strategy from B2C to B2B for another, and currently working on Truple.

Truple was our envisioned product from day 1 i.e., 2 years back, but we thought of introducing it at a later stage 3-4 years down the line. We started off as a service provider for services like plumbing, electrical, carpentry, yoga, photography etc., but because of huge labour cost there were limitations to expansion. Hence we switched the model to the marketplace model with the name “Getblu.” We were doing fairly well with many happy customers, and then came the Money in truck loads. Just not to us, to our competitors.

Investors had put close to $400 Million in the segment, and it became virtually impossible to sustain with few thousand dollars when competitors were burning millions. Also, low user engagement was another limitation in the model. So in February, 2016, we decided to bring Truple ahead of its time. It took us close to 5 months to get the basic version of the product ready. We launched the beta-version in the last week of June, 2016.


Q2. How would you explain Truple in just 2 sentences to a 5 year old?

Hello Buddy, Whenever you feel like having a new friend with whom you can play games, watch movies, and do other interesting activities, you can use Truple to find them.


Q3. How have you remained so passionate with all the struggles that come your way?

By staying flexible and listening to the market we have sailed through ship-wrecking hurdles. We focused on accessing the challenge and moulding ourselves and our product as per the market condition and the new information that we got on our way.


Q4. If you had to write a headline of your journey with what would it be?

A journey to the other side of the unknown dense-forest


Q5. What drives you?

Unsolved problems


Q6. What’s next?

We’re working to bring some additional features in Truple that will make the platform more useful for the early adopters, increase user engagement and decrease the drop-out ratio. Also we are

looking to raise seed fund to support our growth.


Truple is a social engagement platform to find help & make connection by engaging with people nearby. Share your need to find help. Connect with people nearby. Engage & transform your need into a real life experience. Share Connect Engage, it’s easy.

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