The Pocket Hercules

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The Pocket Hercules, Manohar Aich died on Sunday 05-06-2016

monohar_aich_1Manohar Aich was fit and hitting the gym even at the age of 104. He had earned the title “Pocket Hercules” because of his small frame standing at 4’ 11”. He served in the Royal Indian Air Force and started weight training in 1942.  Despite all odds of his height and the competition towering above him, Manohar returned with the Mr. Universe title for the amateur category.

Manohar began seriously weight training when he was in jail. He was protesting the British against the oppression of Indians.

Manohar followed a strict diet of rice and lentils backed up with veggies, milk and fruit. He was bed-ridden for about a year after suffering a serious stroke in 2011. He would continue to attend his in house gym and train patrons.  He had regained his strength and was back in the gym and perform at run ups to competitions as well.

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