The Black Hole: Short Film Review

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Short Film Review : The Black Hole

Plot/Synopsis: The Black Hole

The Black Hole is a short film played out like a commercial, it starts off with a guy working alone in an office and using a printer. The guy accidently prints out a sheet of paper that has a black hole contained in it. He accidently figures this out when he drops a cup in it. The guy then experiments with the black hole, using it to steal candy from a candy machine and eventually enters his boss’s locked office and uses the black hole to steal money from the safe inside. He steals more and more money from the safe and is determined to obtain all of it. Of course, at the end of the video, there is a nasty and a somewhat hilarious twist… which you’ll find out if you watch the whole video .


Q.1) Which Short film grabbed your attention over the last few days and why ?

Ans.1) This Short Film grabbed my attention because of its simple premise and hilarious ending.


Q.2) What could have made it better ?

Ans.2) I think that it was good enough as it is.


Q.3) Did the film make you change your opinion about the topic?

Ans.3) Not really.


Q.4) Drama, emotions, what do you think works best?

Ans.4) I think a good mixture of drama and emotions work the best.


Q.5) What 3 things do you look for in a short film ?

Ans.5 I look for Creativity, Humour and Visual Splendour in a short film.


Q.6) Your final comments and rating out of 5?

I found this Short Film Dark and interesting. My rating is 4/5


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