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Snacking on chips is most enjoyable when friends come over. If you’re into experimenting with savory delicacies or the kind of person that spoils your guests with gourmet starters; A bag of TERRA chips should be on your list of experiments.

Exotic vegetable chipsI tried three flavors, Mediterranean, Original (Sea Salt) and Blue (potatoes) Chips. The chips are completely vegetarian as mentioned on the packaging. But, let’s talk about the packaging later. The chips come in bite-sized loud vibrant colors deep red, purple (blue) and different shades of yellows and oranges. The taste wasn’t too briny or brackish at all, they are quite bland and go excellently along with a creamy or spicy sauce. The perfect balance of seasonings makes these chips a delectable snack and can be eaten as they are too. They are crisp and crackly in your mouth. The different vegetables have different textures and slightly varying thickness. The chips are quite fragile. Meanwhile, the bags come with generous portions of copious helpings of chips and no you are not getting just air in theses bags of chips.


Mediterranean chips


Among the three, the Mediterranean chips were my favorite. The chips were more full-bodied and seasoned to perfection. They beautiful lush reds definitely made my bowl look more appetizing. The chips are simply lip smacking. The mild flavors are not overwhelming but mouth watering and smell delicious. It also has a smoky tantalizing flavour to it. The chips are definitely deep fried, glazed with oil and not baked. The after taste is a little bit oily but has you craving for more. The chips are a mix bag of batata, parsnip, sweet potato, taro and yuca. These different ingredients coming together with all those exciting and different textures really made it a full bodied snack. Meanwhile being delicate enough and lightly salted to still be considered a snack. The sweet potato really stands out and adds that hint of sweetness to it that’s perfect. It doesn’t taste honey glazed sweet but has a more natural kind of sweetness from the sweet potatoes that balance really well with all the other flavors.



Blue Potato Chips

Blue Potato Chips

“I’ve never seen blue potatoes before”. The blue chips come from a blue potato and they got my curiosity going. It’s absolutely foreign to most of us to eat naturally grown blue chips. Wow! Do they really come that way? in Blue. The vivid purple color is mesmerizing. The chips are rather flakey and delicate, they do taste like potatoes but also have a slightly nutty taste. They are lightly salted and drizzled in vegetable oil. I would recommend adding the blue chips to your list of party savories. There are sure to reel in your guests towards your spread and tickle their curiosity. I reckon you could add some blue contrast to your plating that would make any dish really pop out!



TERRA Chips packaging

TERRA Chips packaging

If you’re like me and judge books by their covers… The TERRA Chips packaging looks really great. You might confuse it with a rather large adventure board game at first sight. The box houses three bags of different flavor chips and is rather large and very exciting. The bags of chips were also really easy to open. The easy open notch on the bag worked!

TERRA Chips packaging

The next time you’re planning a party or would like to experiment with light bite-sized savory snacks try a bag of TERRA Chips, you won’t be disappointed. If you are curious to know more check out the Terra chips Facebook page or you could visit their site http://www.terrachipsindia.com/ to explore more exciting flavors.

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