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Sara Wadud

Sara Wadud Sara WadudThe Beautiful Sara Wadud is a social media influencer you need to keep an eye out for. Sara blogs at where her posts inspire us with beauty. lifestyle and fashion. Sara is from Texas, she is a writer, photographer (Instagram: sarawadud), beauty make-up enthusiast and she’s very very interesting.  Proud to be “desi”, Sara embraces Bollywood culture and publishes Youtube videos on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. You should subscribe to her YouTube Channel. She has tonnes to share.


Q1. Tell us about your journey with blogging and as a social media influencer.

So I started my blog about a year ago, and after a few months of blogging I started my Youtube channel. I’ve always been a product junkie, and I love sharing my beauty hacks, and hair tips, or DIY projects with the world. But more than that I founded my blog and channel as a way to showcase my creativity and my South Asian heritage and culture. So few are able to do that, especially now in the media, I kind of got started to change the conversation as a whole. My blog is about inspiring others, and igniting their passion, and then leaving an impact. And that has been my vision from the get go. If I’m able to help another girl who looks like me, or thinks like, or has the same skin tone as me and make them feel like it is possible to live your dreams, then I will consider that a huge achievement!

Q2. What are the two things you did right that brought you where you are today?

I think the hardest part is starting. I started my blog, and I was scared and confused. But once I started it kind of worked it self out. Not going to lie, it is a lot of work, but I think the hardest part is just starting. I will always say to just do it, just start and let the world embrace your creative energy! As a blogger photography is always key, I want to write a book about blogging one day and I think the first chapter will just be titled PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHYPHOTOGRAPHY!! It’s a key to success in this world, to just get really good shots and have good pictures to go along with your blog posts and Instagram.


Q3. If you had to write a headline of your journey what would it be?

Lol, that’s a good question I think it would be something along the lines of “Sara Wadud unabashedly desi and unashamed!” I embrace my culture and heritage and my fusion of east and west fashion is what inspired my blog. I live it everyday, and I’m definitely not ashamed of it.


Q4. Humour, emotions, product features? What do you think work best with your audience?

I think honesty is what works the best with any audience. I’m always honest about products that I’m using, or restaurants that I visited, or just you know if the heels in a picture were definitely not comfortable. Haha! I am honest with my audience and I think that resonates well with them J


Q5. How have you remained so passionate with all the struggles that come by ones way?

It is definitely hard sometimes, it’s hard to remain positive on a daily basis. But I also remain optimistic about the bigger picture and goal. I think that helps fuel my passion. I won’t lie to you, one of my biggest inspirations to really start my blog was my ten year old little sister. I wanted a world where she could have strong, independent, and passionate girl bosses to look up to. And I was tired of not being able to give her a long list of these women. So I decided to become one of them. And honestly it’s one of the things that drives me to continue to work hard and continue to strive.


Q6. Starting from scratch? How did you deal with it and what kind of learning did you get from it?

Starting from zero is hard but I think having a blank canvas can also be beneficial. My blog is about a year old now, and I can’t tell you the amount of knowledge I’ve amassed in just that short amount of time. You know, I’m my own photographer, content writer, editor, brand ambassador, and technical support. I’m everything! Lol I do it all and I don’t have any help so it is hard but it’s also thrilling and exciting. It’s something I’m passionate about so it never feels like work. I’ve learned no matter what the key is to persevere and keep going. You just have to continue to work hard and the rest will follow through.


Q7. Did society make you feel you are a woman first and then a professional?

No I don’t think that has been the case for me. I try not to be defined by societal conventions or parameters. I don’t think it helps to let others tell you how to feel or view yourself. So I just do me and let the rest fall into place! J


Q8. What do you think young entrepreneurs need, if they work on this they would accelerate their #smallbiz faster?

I think young entrepreneurs need a community and support group. I wish when I started out I had more mentors who could have helped me out or helped me avoid obvious mistakes. Support from a community helps a business grow and thrive and it’s sad that even in 2016 small businesses don’t get that possibility. I hope to be able to mentor others in the future so that they can avoid the rookie mistakes I made. I wish more bloggers would be transparent about how hard it is to actually run and maintain a successful blog. Small businesses don’t have a huge marketing budget set aside so local and community support goes a long way in these endeavors.


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