Short Film Review : Synesthesia

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Synopsis :



Synesthesia is set in a world where Color can literally be translated into words and sounds . In this short , we are taken into the house of an average Japanese family and experience this mind-boggling fantasy trip as the family members cook pages from books into food and the children study by using colourful objects . However it has a weird ending which I didn’t really like or understand. Nevertheless it is a visual treat and should definitely be viewed .


Q.1 How did this film make you feel ?

Ans.1 I liked the first part but I didn’t really like the ending ? which sort of confused me


Q.2 Would you recommend others to watch this short film?

Ans .2 Yes definitely!


Q.3 What is your Rating of this short film?

Ans.3 I would give it a 7/10


Review by: Ryan Joshua Albuquerque. Joshua is a movie buff, travel photographer and avid traveler.



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