Short Film: PSA Don’t Text and Walk. Last Word

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Last Word is a simple short for Public Service Announcement #donttextandwalk. A girl faces tragedy when she puts on her  headphones and blindly stares at her phoneas she collides into on going traffic.

While smartphones make our lives easy, help organise our day, take the office with us by  giving us access to our emails and documents, and even tracking our locations, walking and fitness; Texting while walking isn’t really a very smart thing to do.

Scientists have realised that after tracking a sbjects movements during texting  that texters walk in a robot like position that makes them vulnerable to tipping over and falling. To keep their eyes focused on their smartphone screen, subjects would hold their arms tight and tilt their head towards their phones. This causedthem to have a posture that would make them more likely to trip.

Pedestriants texting have been reported to be the number one cause in pedestriant related road accidents. They were more likely to walk into a pole, on going traffic or even fall into storm water drains.

There have been over 440,000 selfie and texting related accidents.


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