Short Film Auditions

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how not to do at an audition

Short Film Auditions; we’re not having live auditions at this point of time! Please send links to your audition tapes and profiles to

Topics: Social Awareness.

Auditions for :
Male & Female all ages.
Languages: Hindi/ Kannada/ Tamil/ Gujarati/ Odiya/ Marathi/ English.
Location: India

Also looking for voice overs.

What not to do at an Audition!

Hey guy’s we’ve been having auditions for our short films and needed a how to audition video to share with all our aspiring actors. However, we thought a what not to do would be more educating. So if you haven’t gone for acting classes but still want to try auditioning. This video should give you a glimpse of dealing with casting directors and what not to do at an audition. Unless you are planning an audition prank.

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