#SaveFarmers says Nana Patekar

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2016 has been one of the harshest summers in India. Nana Patekar has been expressing his empathy for the plight of drought hit farmers in Maharashtra.




Nana Patekar says when a farmer dies it’s as if he had committed suicide himself. He is now on the verge of breakdown. He says the situation is very critical on the ground level but by uniting together we can fight for our farmers.

  • He also raises some very important questions:
  • Why don’t we question the government. Why isn’t it happening?
  • We haven’t become blind that we can’t see them dying right next to us?
  • How do we ignore people dying around us?
  • The issue is that people have not seen the ground reality. There’s nothing to feed or drink for the cattle that help farmers make a living.
  • When a farmers wife, elderly mother or child gets sick, the medicines are so expensive.
  • We failed, our politicians failed. They are farmers not beggars.
  • The loneliness of no support from anyone is killing them.
  • Why can’t we take care of them for just two months?

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