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AnoopAnoop from tells us about his journey with blogging. Anoop loves nature, rain, music, cricket, madness, observing people and exploring. Passionate about Creative Writing, Poetry, Technology, Gadgets, UFOs, Bikes, Science and Photography.

A full thick bearded old man,
Holding a cigar,
Sporting black shaded coolers,
Donning a stylish grey suit,
Trending worldwide in YouTube,
Making millions awestruck,
In his inimitable style that he breathes…


1) Tell us about your journey with poetry and bloggong?

I have been writing for for the last 4 plus years. Writing has been my passion since my college days. I used to write poetry since college days. I got an offer to publish my poems through a small publisher in my early years in graduation. But that didn’t materialize due to shortage of funds. Writing is always a dream for me.


2) Name two people that inspire you.

Characters namely Sherlock Holmes and The Batman. People – The Rock Dwayne Johnson and Abdul Kalaam.


3) Do you work a regular job from 9 to 5?

Yes I work for a regular job from 9 to 5. A professional technology writer during my regular job. A creative writer outside business hours.


4) How have you remained so passionate with all the struggles?

It’s difficult to remain passionate through the struggles. My friends and readers help me to come back to writing. It’s hard I can say that.


5) If you had to write a headline of your blogging journey what would it be?

Struggled for Years to Make a Mark in Writing, Still Struggling


6) What is your biggest strength?

My optimism, imagination, creativity and my words


7) What is your biggest weakness?



8) What drives you?

Music, Art, Love, and the trust my readers have in me ( I owe them so much)


9) What’s next?

To create touching and magical articles and writings thereby inspiring people. A book is there in the making…


10) Youngsters, they’d want to learn from you, what should they be thinking and doing? Would you advice them to quit their jobs and follow their passion?

Youngsters must dream and follow their heart always. Have belief in themselves even when the world ignores them. Always remember, you must have a backup if your plan A fails. Then plan B. Pursue your passions without quitting your job. Quit it only when you are sure that your passion can feed you and your family. But always take safe risks. Trust and believe your instincts. Probably only you know yourself better. Follow your heart. It never lies.


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