Let them see the real you Short Film Review

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Plot/Synopsis: Identity

We all wear masks at some point in life. Especially in schools and colleges. We claim to have an image of ourselves. We picturize ourselves in a certain way and try hard and occasionally fight to keep that image untarnished. But, in real we are something else.

This short film portrays the masks people wear. The place they have picked is a school/college. What is astonishing is that everyone in the film is wearing a mask, including the teachers. The film clearly shows the shallowness of our world and plays around theme of inner beauty, which most people don’t consider. And like our real world the film’s masked world also defines beauty and limits it to certain stereotypical beliefs.
The short film starts off and ends at almost the same scene. The flashback and pacing forward part tells us exactly what happened and how. The film ends on a positive note where, the girl takes off her mask and doesn’t care about what people think anymore.


Q1)What is theme of the film?

The film is based on the harsh realities of school and college life, where everyone wears masks to try to fit into groups. And anyone who doesn’t fit in is considered a freak.


Q2) Is the title of the film apt?

Yes, it is apt. The target audience of this film is the teenagers. And teenage is the phase where people undergo identity crisis, they want to make a mark on the world at the same time they want to fit in, feel secure, and be a part of a group that accepts them.


Q3)What are the things that stand out in the film?

There are two scenes in the movie that stood out for me.
At 2:11 they show a poster which clearly defines what is considered beautiful is. And at 2:30 we see a girl, who changes her mask to fit into another group. This changing of self to belong with some others is so apt and relevant in teenagers or college going students.

Q4) What nailed the plot for you?

There were many symbolic references. But the one that nailed the plot was the classroom scene, where the teacher talks about Plato’s cave allegory. Where all the people lived in a cave, and the cave was all that they knew. And one day a man was released and he discovers the world outside and is ‘enlightened’. Similarly, our protagonist in the story at the end of the film is enlightened.


Q5) On a scale of 10, how would you rate this film.

7, the meaning behind the film is very clear, symbolic, and inspiring for the audience.


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