Influencer Marketing with Rumana Nazarali

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Rumana at the #OSCARS2016

Blogging or “Web-Logging” has become a quintessential part of our daily lives today, most of our information comes from blogs. The most successful social influencer campaigns and brand campaigns are driven by bloggers today. However, creating a successful blog is not easy, Rumana tells us more.

Rumana at the #OSCARS2016

Rumana at the #OSCARS2016

Rumana Nazarali has chosen blogging as both her lifestyle and her livelihood. Rumana is a dreamer, blogger, traveler, foodie, freelancer, social media strategist, influencer and much more. You can find her blog posts at

Q1. Tell us about your journey with blogging and as a social media influencer.

It’s been nearly 3 years of blogging and 4 years in social media. The growth is excellent. I have met many people from whom I have learnt a lot.


Q2. What are the two things you did right that brought you where you are today?

Hard work and time, if I wouldn’t have given the time required and worked hard for the same, then i wouldn’t be in the position I am today.


Q3. If you had to write a headline of your journey what would it be?

Just Rumana, I have made a name for myself without any family name so I am very proud of it.


Q4. Starting from scratch? How did you deal with it and what kind of learning did you get from it?

It all started with networking, by god’s grace, i had people coming to me so i never looked out for any work or snatch anyone’s work. I’m yet to learn how to crack the deal with various new clients.


Q5. Humour, emotions, product features? What do you think work best with the Indian audience?

Equal quantity of all 3 is required for the audience; lack of any will not capture the mind of the audience.


Q6. How have you remained so passionate with all the struggles that come by ones way?

Yes, I have always dealt with all struggles of life very practically and calmly. Being positive about everything has helped me gain confidence in life.


Q7. Did society make you feel you are a woman first and then a professional?

Well yes, till date I need to fight the norms of being a woman than a professional, despite being the bread winner of the family. However, I do only those things which I feel is right.


Q8. What do you think young entrepreneurs need, if they work on this they would accelerate their #smallbiz faster?

Patience, smartness and confidence.


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