From Navigating Ships to Navigating Sustainable Business Growth

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“It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage. “ – George

William Curtis.


Hailing from one of the world’s famous cities, Kingston Jamaica, Licensed Ship Navigator now Certified Business Development Expert Melanie Wynter used to navigate ships so far away from home to the point that she would be absent for as long as nine months. At age 29 she has put her own mental capacity and organizational skills to the test and rightly so. The vision of directing her own shipping company was so real insight, she embarked upon her own personal journey of learning the business of shipping and trade, which lead her to pursue a degree in Marine Navigation Technology.

Her voyages get more creative with each wave of the sea that she encounters on her road to personal, mental and professional growth. She made a brave jump from navigating ships to navigating sustainable business growth after given the opportunity to Re-vamp the Hospitality Development of Royal Jamaica Yacht Club, then Head of Business Development for Anywaredata. It proved she had sailed into the right waters after having landed her ship to a newfound base as a Business Development Professional. As a navigator who sails skillfully, she knows how to identify the prosperous business development voyages which lay ahead for ambitious companies. Not looking back she is now an independent Business Development Consultant, located in the heart of the city at 34-36 Old Hope Road. She continues her voyage to one day owning a Shipping Company while adding substantial value to her clients through leveraging her skills and network to growing their companies.

When asked why could any young educated and ambitious woman return to Jamaica after studying and sailing in Canada for over 5 years, with her infectious smile she said because “Jamaica needs me.” It is going to take export and entrepreneurship to grow Jamaica in a sustainable manner.

With her fellow entrepreneurs in sight, she cleverly decided to contribute to Jamaica’s economic growth by helping them to navigated sustainable growth. As a result, the size of her crew has increased significantly over a relatively short period of time. As a strategic leader, she creates environments for business facilitation and growth. With almost a lifetime of business experience, being an active part of her parent’s company since age 6, and currently, steers the business development department of several companies such as iSpur Business Development Company, Jamaica Community Development Program, Byllkreate Creative and Digital Agency, Island Networks Limited, Anywaredata Communications Limited and Kingston Boats, with client’s such as Google X and newest client JT Refrigeration Services Limited, I wondered when she found time to be an active member of the prestigious Rotary Club of St. Andrew. There is an overwhelming evidence to prove that Melanie Wynter is no ordinary citizen of Jamaica and definitely a focused young lady with great skills sets to offer the community of Jamaica.

Melanie V. Wynter, CBDE

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