Dhruv Lakra: An Inspirational story

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It’s true when they say that actions speak louder than words. No, it’s not just a phrase it’s literally true. At least Dhruv Lakra- founder of Mirakle Couriers would say so. An investment banker graduated from HR College, Mumbai during a bus journey realised that he no longer wanted a regular 9-5 desk job, but  job where he could deliver happiness through those people who understood the balance of life like no else could.

He quit DSP Merill Lynch after two years to join Dasra, an NGO that works with various social causes in mind from tackling issues like child trafficking to helping social ventures raise capital. Few of them had a deep impact on him and motivated him to work for the social cause.

Keen to explore the path of social venture and nearly two years later, he opted for an MBA degree in social entrepreneurship from Said Business School, Oxford University, London. And so began his journey on road to Mirakle Couriers.

While on a bus journey Dhruv came across a seemingly eager and restless boy who seemed rather a little lost, upon questioning when the boy didn’t respond, Dhruv realised the boy was deaf. Despite the bus conductor’s regular announcement about the stops; the boy still didn’t know where he was going. Through an exchange of pen and paper it dawned upon Dhruv how difficult life for a deaf person could get. Soon afterwards when he returned home only to receive a courier upon his reaching it struck him that it barely took 10 seconds to sign it and there was hardly any communication involved.

And so in January 2009 Mirakle Couriers was born where 25 workers hired initially from a couple of NGO’s and then in no time Mirakle Couriers was taking up major projects delivering 600 deliveries a month now.


Q1. So what is the recent motivational story that’s inspired you?

Ans: The recent motivational story for me would be Dhruv Lakra’s Mirakle Couriers.And frankly I must say its huge step that he has taken and commendable and I think for me as a person I would definitely try to help these people in whichever way I can. Yes sounds easy but difficult to do. But isn’t that what these people are doing- leading a difficult life.


Q2. If you were in a similar position in the bus that day what would you do?

Ans: Frankly I would have helped the kid reach home safely but don’t think would have been able to open a startup like this.


Q3. How has the story inspired you?

Ans: I have always wanted to learn sign language so that I can deaf and mute people. And reading this makes my urge to learn it even stronger so hopefully in the coming months I shall be fulfilling those.


Q4. If you were starting a company tomorrow, what would be its top three values?

Ans: If I were to start a company tomorrow. For me the top three values be Honesty, Integrity and Respect. Because I don’t think one can strive without these qualities. For a relationship to build be it in business terms or personal terms you need to respect the opposite person or company.


Q5. If you could change one thing about yourself what would be it and why?

Ans: If I had one thing to change about myself I think it would be being disorganized. I would like to become more organised just like my mother who also happens to be inspiration and motivation behind working towards my goal. Because I believe with discipline in life you can achieve anything in life without much efforts and that’s what the problem with us is today that we are very much in-discipline which also leads to many problems and then we ourselves complain about it.

Written by: Aakruti R Desai
AAkruti is Konkani by birth, Manipalite by choice and proud to be one. Studying Journalism with specialization in PR and Filmmaking at Manipal University. Acting runs in blood and can talk hours in row about books and films.

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