Snacking on chips is most enjoyable when friends come over. If you’re into experimenting with savory delicacies or the kind of person that spoils your guests with gourmet starters; A bag of TERRA chips should be on your list of experiments. Exotic vegetable chipsI tried three flavors, Mediterranean, Original (Sea Salt) and Blue (potatoes) Chips. […]

Kaabil Trailer: Hrithik Roshan

  Kaabil stars Hritik Roshan and Yami Gautam. The story is  about how a blind Hritik Roshan avenges the sexual assault of his wife played by Yami Gautam. And dishes out some vigilante justice. Both the characters in the movie are blind. The film is directed by Sanjay Gupta. He is know or Jung, Khauff, […]

NatGeo Photographer of the Year – Winning Entries

Here are Nat Geo’s Photographers of the year, “Ben Youssef” by Takashi Nakagawa – Category: Cities – First Prize Winner, Morocco. “Wherever you go, I will follow you!!” by Hiroki Inoue – First Prize in Nature category, Japan. “Winter Horseman” by Anthony Lau. – Grand Prize Winner. Category – People Check out the winning entries for […]

Kickstarter story: Impacting the creative economy

Kickstarter is one of the most succesful and inspirational startup platform in recent years. Let’s explore how Kickstarter impacts the economy of creative startups. A new study by the University of Pennsylvania provides the first comprehensive look at how the Kickstarter community impacts the creative economy. The study finds that Kickstarter projects have: Employed 283,000 […]

People and hearts Anoop

Anoop from http://peopleandhearts.com tells us about his journey with blogging. Anoop loves nature, rain, music, cricket, madness, observing people and exploring. Passionate about Creative Writing, Poetry, Technology, Gadgets, UFOs, Bikes, Science and Photography. A full thick bearded old man, Holding a cigar, Sporting black shaded coolers, Donning a stylish grey suit, Trending worldwide in YouTube, […]


A journey to the other side of the unknown dense-forest. Prasad Kale tells us about  Truple, a social engagement platform to find help & make connection by engaging with people nearby. Truple is a early stage startup, works as location based social engagement platform with the vision to transform any need into a real life experience. Founded by […]

Udta Punjab Spoof : Censor Board Ban

The censor board had recommended a ridiculous 89 cuts on the movie Udta Punjab out of supposed political pressure. Finally when Udta Punjab got the green signal from the Bombay High Court for its release with just one cut a censor board copy of the movie went viral on all torrent websites. It was put […]

Will Udta Punjab fly “High”?

Good News: After weeks of hopping between the Censor Board and the Bombay High Court, Udta Punjab finally got clearance for its release in India with just one cut. Bad News: Two days before its release, a copy of the film was released on most of the torrentz websites. The producers of the film have […]

Is our food really vegetarian? Birke Baehr

What’s wrong with our food system? And what can we do about it? Eleven year old whistle blower, Birke Baehr investigated first hand, researched the Internet and tells us  what he’s learnt about genetically altered food. When Birke found out that corporations were splicing genes from fish and genetically altering tomatoes he knew something was […]