Short Film: PSA Don’t Text and Walk. Last Word

Last Word is a simple short for Public Service Announcement #donttextandwalk. A girl faces tragedy when she puts on her  headphones and blindly stares at her phoneas she collides into on going traffic. While smartphones make our lives easy, help organise our day, take the office with us by  giving us access to our emails and documents, and […]

StayStarted Nescafe TVC Review

The New Nescafe Ad portrays the struggle of a young Radio Jockey. He hosts a radio show early in the morning at 5.30 AM while most of us are snug as a bug, under a rug. The video has clocked over 3 million views. Good morning, tweeps! This is RJ Rishi & here’s your first […]

Educate The Girl Child – Nestle India

Nestle India’s #EducateTheGirlChild spreads light on the positive repercussions on the impact that the girl child on the family, society and the nation of India. Experts say 20 million girls drop out of school every year. To quote The World Bank “Reduction of child and maternal mortality, improvement of child nutrition and health, lower fertility […]

Short Film Auditions

Short Film Auditions; we’re not having live auditions at this point of time! Please send links to your audition tapes and profiles to Topics: Social Awareness. Auditions for : Male & Female all ages. Languages: Hindi/ Kannada/ Tamil/ Gujarati/ Odiya/ Marathi/ English. Location: India Also looking for voice overs. What not to do at an Audition! Hey […]

Udta Punjab Spoof : Censor Board Ban

The censor board had recommended a ridiculous 89 cuts on the movie Udta Punjab out of supposed political pressure. Finally when Udta Punjab got the green signal from the Bombay High Court for its release with just one cut a censor board copy of the movie went viral on all torrent websites. It was put […]

Short Film Review : Synesthesia

  Synopsis : Synesthesia is set in a world where Color can literally be translated into words and sounds . In this short , we are taken into the house of an average Japanese family and experience this mind-boggling fantasy trip as the family members cook pages from books into food and the children study […]

Let them see the real you Short Film Review

Plot/Synopsis: Identity We all wear masks at some point in life. Especially in schools and colleges. We claim to have an image of ourselves. We picturize ourselves in a certain way and try hard and occasionally fight to keep that image untarnished. But, in real we are something else. This short film portrays the masks […]

A teaspoon can give you goosebumps?

Plot/Synopsis: Teaspoon Set against the backdrop of a middleclass family. This short film revolves around Kavitha, who represents a beauty company but, works from home as she takes care of her paralytic father-in- law. Her husband Rajiv works for an insurance company. The old man constantly holds on to a spoon, which he uses to bang on a […]

The Black Hole: Short Film Review

Short Film Review : The Black Hole Plot/Synopsis: The Black Hole The Black Hole is a short film played out like a commercial, it starts off with a guy working alone in an office and using a printer. The guy accidently prints out a sheet of paper that has a black hole contained in it. He accidently figures […]