From Navigating Ships to Navigating Sustainable Business Growth

  “It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage. “ – George William Curtis.   Hailing from one of the world’s famous cities, Kingston Jamaica, Licensed Ship Navigator now Certified Business Development Expert Melanie Wynter used to navigate ships so far away from home to the point that she […]

Video Marketing Statistics 2016

Video Marketing Statistics Experts all over the world  have been tracking the effects, of including video in their marketing strategies. There is no doubt, that there are statistics, to tell you: videos are the most effective medium.  And a lot of these stats are really surprising! Like, videos increase interactivity by 85%. Let’s look through some […]

StayStarted Nescafe TVC Review

The New Nescafe Ad portrays the struggle of a young Radio Jockey. He hosts a radio show early in the morning at 5.30 AM while most of us are snug as a bug, under a rug. The video has clocked over 3 million views. Good morning, tweeps! This is RJ Rishi & here’s your first […]

78 Marketing Tasks to Outsource Immediately

If you’re like me, you stay busy. Running a business is a tall order in and of itself. When you throw marketing into the mix, things can quickly become overwhelming. Why I’m a fan of outsourcing Outsourcing has tons of benefits. Most businesses rely on outsourcing because they want to “focus on the core.” That’s […]

Google’s map ads! You should be excited!

Marketing teams are excited about Google’s new map ads. Here’s the breakdown! Google Maps ads are changing to help local businesses become more visible. Columnist Will Scott discusses the four features you should be most excited about. As an avid Google Maps user on both a personal and business level, I’ve often wished for a […]


A journey to the other side of the unknown dense-forest. Prasad Kale tells us about  Truple, a social engagement platform to find help & make connection by engaging with people nearby. Truple is a early stage startup, works as location based social engagement platform with the vision to transform any need into a real life experience. Founded by […]

Is our food really vegetarian? Birke Baehr

What’s wrong with our food system? And what can we do about it? Eleven year old whistle blower, Birke Baehr investigated first hand, researched the Internet and tells us  what he’s learnt about genetically altered food. When Birke found out that corporations were splicing genes from fish and genetically altering tomatoes he knew something was […]