A teaspoon can give you goosebumps?

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Plot/Synopsis: Teaspoon

Set against the backdrop of a middleclass family. This short film revolves around Kavitha, who represents a beauty company but, works from home as she takes care of her paralytic father-in- law.

Her husband Rajiv works for an insurance company. The old man constantly holds on to a spoon, which he uses to bang on a bedpost to summon Kavitha when it’s time for his meal. Coincidently or deliberately, the old man never bangs his bed post in the presence of his son. Kavitha hates this habit and persuades her husband Rajiv to send the old man to an old age home.

Rajiv turns down her option as they can’t afford it. The viewer experiences a dilemma whether or not to be sympathic towards Kavitha. And the end is heart wrenching and surprising, at one point you see it coming, it’s not very unexpected, but it shocks you anyway.


Q1) How did youget to know about the short film?

I got to know about the film, when I searched for award winning short films.


Q2) Is the title apt? and if given a chance would you change anything?

Yes, the title is very apt. I wouldn’t want to make any changes in the story. But, they could have made it smaller. But, again each scene developed the character’s depth in viewer’s mind.


Q3) How much would you rate this film on a scale of 10?

7, because after watching this film anytime you hear someone tap a teaspoon at least for a second you think of this film.


Q4) What does the ending of short film mean?

When the movie does not have a defined end it is subjected to lot of perspectives. From my point of view the movie was pretty straightforward, the aged father-

in-law was bed ridden and his way of overcoming boredom was to tap the teaspoon at the side of his bed. All he wanted was a little attention from his family. But, unfortunately his daughter-in- law could not understand his agony. And at the spur of the moment she got frustrated by the tapping and killed him. As the ending scene demonstrates the husband tapping the cup using the teaspoon was not deliberate effort by him to prove his wife’s insanity. But, when the wife sees this, the guilt takes over her.


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