The Mews Bridal

Wedding Influencer campaign pick of the Week from Helen Kembery: The Mews Bridal!   Helen Kembery from the MediaClash looks after advertising for Bristol & Bath’s prestige & beautiful wedding title @VowMag. She shares her insights and thoughts about successful wedding influencer campaigns and her journey as an advertising professional. Q1) What is a recent wedding […]

A teaspoon can give you goosebumps?

Plot/Synopsis: Teaspoon Set against the backdrop of a middleclass family. This short film revolves around Kavitha, who represents a beauty company but, works from home as she takes care of her paralytic father-in- law. Her husband Rajiv works for an insurance company. The old man constantly holds on to a spoon, which he uses to bang on a […]

The Black Hole: Short Film Review

Short Film Review : The Black Hole Plot/Synopsis: The Black Hole The Black Hole is a short film played out like a commercial, it starts off with a guy working alone in an office and using a printer. The guy accidently prints out a sheet of paper that has a black hole contained in it. He accidently figures […]