Udta Punjab Spoof : Censor Board Ban

The censor board had recommended a ridiculous 89 cuts on the movie Udta Punjab out of supposed political pressure. Finally when Udta Punjab got the green signal from the Bombay High Court for its release with just one cut a censor board copy of the movie went viral on all torrent websites. It was put […]

Will Udta Punjab fly “High”?

Good News: After weeks of hopping between the Censor Board and the Bombay High Court, Udta Punjab finally got clearance for its release in India with just one cut. Bad News: Two days before its release, a copy of the film was released on most of the torrentz websites. The producers of the film have […]

Is our food really vegetarian? Birke Baehr

What’s wrong with our food system? And what can we do about it? Eleven year old whistle blower, Birke Baehr investigated first hand, researched the Internet and tells us  what he’s learnt about genetically altered food. When Birke found out that corporations were splicing genes from fish and genetically altering tomatoes he knew something was […]

Social Influencer: Sara Wadud

 Sara WadudThe Beautiful Sara Wadud is a social media influencer you need to keep an eye out for. Sara blogs at  http://www.sarawadud.com/ where her posts inspire us with beauty. lifestyle and fashion. Sara is from Texas, she is a writer, photographer (Instagram: sarawadud), beauty make-up enthusiast and she’s very very interesting.  Proud to be “desi”, […]

The Biker World: Sonia Jain

Sonia Jain is a Rider by passion, Traveller by nature, Marketing Manager by profession and Journalist by education. She has been riding for 8 years now and has traveled the length and breadth of the country on a motorcycle both    independently as well as professionally. Her dream is to travel the world on two […]

Short Film Review : Synesthesia

  Synopsis : Synesthesia is set in a world where Color can literally be translated into words and sounds . In this short , we are taken into the house of an average Japanese family and experience this mind-boggling fantasy trip as the family members cook pages from books into food and the children study […]

Shaheen Mistri for India

  “So Aakruti what do you plan to do after graduation?”- that’s the question everyone keeps asking me every time I meet someone new or anyone; and I’m sure just like me there are few others who respond in either- “I don’t know” or “Teach For India” and I happen to fall in the latter. […]

The Pocket Hercules

The Pocket Hercules, Manohar Aich died on Sunday 05-06-2016 Manohar Aich was fit and hitting the gym even at the age of 104. He had earned the title “Pocket Hercules” because of his small frame standing at 4’ 11”. He served in the Royal Indian Air Force and started weight training in 1942.  Despite all […]

Sold her Mangalsutra to build toilet: Lata Devi Diwakar

If you haven’t been aware of the PMO’s agenda India of  “#SwacchBharat” you most probably are living under a rock. Last week a teenage girl was brutally raped and murdered in UP while she went outside to heed the call of nature. Lata Devi Diwakar, has inspired a generation; she hails from  s small village in Kanpur […]

DOW vs Bhopal A toxic rap battle

Bhopal Gas Disaster Rap Sofia Ashraf On 2nd Dec 1984, the world’s worst industrial disaster broke out at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Poisonous methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas leaked from their factory and killed thousands of people.  The immediate death toll was 2,259.  The breakout caused 558 thousand  injuries,  8000 more died in […]